Cinnamon Bay

St John, USVI

When your best friend says she has vacation scheduled and wants to take off to an island for a couple of days, it’s pretty much a no brainer for me. I moved some days of work around and committed to going to St John with her.
We had visited 4 years ago together on a day trip from St Thomas and loved the island, actually we had so much fun we almost missed the last ferry back.
This trip was no different. We booked the cutest airbnb, through who we ended up thinkin the world of, and set up camp for a 2 night little getaway.
We arrived Tuesday evening and found out it just happened to be karaoke night on the island. We didn’t meet Kenny Chesney at Woodys, but we met the bartender and another local who kept us entertained. They also helped us to realize how small island life can be. Everyone knew everyone else, somehow we jumped into the mix.
We hiked a trail to Honeymoon beach with one of our new friends the next afternoon and then took a taxi to Cinnamon Bay. It was beauuuutiful, exactly what you see on the postcards and even better in person.
That evening we went to Lime Inn for all you can eat shrimp dinner and met Alex, our bartender and another new island friend. He informed us it was again, karaoke night, and as it turns out all of our new friends were there again. Shenna sang karaoke for the first time in her life if that’s any indication our how much alcohol we consumed! Born to be Wild may have been slightly appropriate, but it’s a terrible karaoke choice.  Luckily we had enough new friends that we didn’t get boo’ed off the stage.
We paid for it the next morning… after brunch, we caught the bus to the other side of the island to Coral Bay. It took serious focus not to get sick on the bus, and as it turns out we decided not to get off at the beach that was recommended on the other side. We liked Trunk and Cinnamon much more, so we grudgingly took the bus up and down winding roads back to where we came from. We were back by mid-afternoon and spent the rest of the sunlight hours on Trunk Bay trying to drink a beer and struggling through life.
I failed to mention we were supposed to leave yesterday afternoon but decided to stay an extra night. Oops. Islands Abode made it much too easy by bumping us up to their 1 bedroom with a huge patio that overlooks the beautiful sunset when we asked about another night.
So today we are paying for it, karma decided we had too much fun and stayed too long and we missed 3 flights on standby.We will be getting to DFW at midnight and we had to catch the morning ferry to the STT airport at 6am.
when you finally make a flight home on standby
This blog post is more to show the beauty of the island through pictures, I could tell more stories but I’m doubting people really want to know about our karaoke performances and giggles with new friends.  
I will 100% be back to St John. With the world being so big and containing so many places I want to see, this is a very rare statement to come from me!

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