French Polynesia

Where the Green Dress Travels- to Find the Joy in Moorea, French Polynesia

Raw truth time. It makes me sad when I realize how desensitized I have become to travel experiences. I crave the new and unique adventures, but the more I see and do, the harder they are to come by. It also makes me disappointed and want to keep my mouth shut knowing how ridiculously bratty I sound. But it’s the truth, and I suppose it’s inevitable.

As I hit my 50th-ish country, the ‘ish’ because territories & nations are complicated, I realized that sometimes it isn’t about me. That ‘new place satisfaction’ that I always want can be drawn from others. In French Polynesia I got to watch 2 friends have a few firsts and overcome real fears, and it was awesome!

One has been terrified of fish for as long as I’ve known her, and I really wasn’t sure if she would be ok with the line-up of snorkeling and kayaking daily, and even a night on a sailboat. I could tell the first couple of days she was timid, and I would always be the first in to make sure nothing ate me or whatever harm she imagined. But, a few days later they both ended up swimming TOWARDS sting rays on a tiny private island surrounded by fish and black tipped sharks. I was dang near bursting with pride. But really, I loved watching them go from freaking out at the mere thought of seeing a sting ray to petting them and getting in the deep water off the sailboat and floating away comfortably. If you would have told me THIS would be a highlight of my trip to Moorea and Tahiti I would have dismissively laughed.

Maddie’s new comfort zone
We saw black tip sharks daily

But also, 50-ish countries (and many countries multiple times) in 11-ish years. This felt green dress appropriate & I suppose I’m quite proud of myself as well. It was never a goal, but it feels like an accomplishment all the same. Before this trip I took a 5 month break from international travel after feeling burnt out. So for me, remaining grateful and finding the joy in traveling, be it my own or my friends or loved ones, is the real accomplishment.

It was so soo easy to find joy on Moorea, the island is just stunning, laid back, and all the things I had hoped for. I’m timid to promote it because I don’t want it to change, but a post with all of our details will be up soon!

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