Wedding Crashing in Paris on NYE. Wait, What?!

I’m pretty sure I have another post that starts out with, “people always tell me that the most random things happen to me”. Well I think this one beats riding around Guatemala in a VW bug with a Harvard professor I just met, sailing for a day in Croatia with a french senator and his wife, and probably tops the accidental camping on a beach in Puerto Rico story. I, along with 9 friends, semi-crashed/attended a NYE wedding in Paris.


Many of you are probably unaware, but this is not the first wedding I have ‘crashed’. St Thomas USVI Wedding Crashers… was a similar situation years ago, but at least this time we had a 2 day heads up. I’ve gotten the texts and calls, curious to find out how it happened, so here is the story.

My friend Dustin has a friend who lives in Paris. She works as a hired personal assistant, and found out we were in town. She happened to be working on Kenneth and Brooks wedding that was to take place over NYE. The couple lives in Key West, and unfortunately lost their home to hurricane Irma. From what little I know, majority of their wedding guests who were going to make it all the way to Paris were also seriously affected or had some sort of family issues and were unable to travel. The bride said they had 50+ confirmations, and ended up with only her best friend in attendance. The couple had the wedding at the beautiful Shangri-La hotel and were required to have a minimum number of guests attend to even have the ceremony/reception.  I believe she said 30.


That’s where my crazy crew comes in. She told Ashley, her assistant, to invite people. I couldn’t believe that a stranger was going to allow 10 airline people (everyone knows we’re stereotypically party folks) to attend their 5 course dinner, open bar, the works wedding. Actually I was pretty terrified that we were going to roll up into a super formal event and stick out like sore thumbs and act a fool.

Between touristy stuff we tried to go shopping to avoid the above mentioned. But it’s difficult to find a fantastic formal dress/shoes in minimal time that you can pack in a backpack to continue on your vacation with. So, half of us ended up buying items, and the others like me, ended up in my planned NYE dress. Btw, if you have large feet (size 11), you will never find cute shoes in Paris.

We headed to this event having no idea what to expect. We chatted with another guest that I guess the bride knew who had invited the other guests, and then attended the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to (sorry married friends). I mean, I cried, and they were complete strangers at that point. Their vows and the ceremony were so intimate and beautiful. Afterwards, cocktail hour was more mingling, a lot of champagne, and then dinner and the reception began. It was all fantastic and 5 star. We all got to hang out with the bride or groom at some point and are in 100% agreement that they are just a wonderful and kind couple. They told us they hoped that we have fun and to party it up. Sooo, we did. There was a mirror photobooth, ice luge the groom typically was at the top pouring shots from, and a midnight toast with views of the Eiffel tower.







At the end of the night, I adored the couple and consider them more friends than strangers. I think most of us have pictures holding and dancing with their cute children, and I would love to plan a trip or see them again someday. I truly feel terrible that a disaster kept their loved ones and family from attending, but hope that we in some way made up for it.

I’m tellin’ ya, the best things usually happen when you’re open to an adventure, and I’m just blessed to have had this opportunity.  Staying in our Eiffel Tower in the backyard 19th century airbnb, and attending this amazing wedding & party was one hell of a way to start off 2018.  I will never, ever, forget this NYE in Paris!


So, a huge thank you (again) to the Angels, and also to my friends for enjoying this evening alongside me. Realistically, it could have been awkward and stiff, and it was anything but!



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  1. Oh Wow!! Your Adventures are so Awsome and Fun. I’m So happy my grandniece, Krystal, gets to be part of those Amazing Adventures..Wish I was young again and work as a Flight Attendant and hang out with such amazing group of friends/coworkers and travel to all the beautiful and exciting places. I wish You and Krys and All the rest of your friends to keep doing what you do and sharing all of it with the rest of us that can only dream about doing all you do. Safe Travels and Adventures Always👏👌🤗😎😘

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  2. Whaaaa this is awesome! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to crash a wedding. 😉 And this one looks like it was THE ONE to crash. The bride’s outfits are fabulous!


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