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Falling in Love with Paris in the Winter

It’s so easy to say, “I’ve already been there, I want to go somewhere new”. Actually, I remember saying this exact sentence when my friend suggested I crash the end of his month-long honeymoon for NYE in Paris. But, I’m soo glad I went anyway.

I actually liked Paris much more on my 2nd visit. The first was only for 2 days, but it was  April and everything was blooming with a blue sky background. I was there with my friend, and I saw a lot of the tourists attractions. Sounds perfect, right?

This trip was rainy and winter weather and I barely did any tourist stuff, but somehow I fell in love with the raw version of Paris. We walked the streets completely bundled up and semi-miserable most of the time, but I loved the gray version of Paris I saw. Somehow it was really romantic for me, and I was on the trip with 9 friends, so that’s saying a lot! The randomness that went down for NYE, read about here, probably didn’t hurt the overall high of the trip either.

One of my favorite moments was watching my friend Krystal absolutely geek out over seeing the Eiffel tower for the first time as we were driving to our airbnb. It was surprising to both of us I think lol, but was such a good reminder that this is such a blessing and a treat to see.


People dream of seeing this iconic landmark all of their life. It didn’t hurt that we stayed in an apartment with it in the backyard. Sitting in a window sipping wine, just adding layers so we didn’t have to move as it got colder, and watching it light up every hour is something I’ll never forget.




Short post, but a simple reminder to try to look at the same thing with new eyes, and you might surprise yourself. I did :).

And just go to Paris, period.


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