Hi! I’m Spann.

In case you’re interested in the back story…

I am from the middle of nowhere Tennessee.  The kind of southern town that you see in the movies where Friday night football rules, and kids run around freely until it’s dark and time to go home.  The kind of place where everyone knows your name.  I was always a little too curious and perhaps a little too fearless for my own good, and knew I would never stay put in a place like I was raised. It’s my favorite place to travel back to, but I happen to absolutely love the life I’m living that the 10 year old me could never have fathomed.

I saved my money and left Nashville, Tennessee heading for Florida.  I have a marketing and entrepreneurship degree, but randomly came across a flight attendant job posting while job hunting.  The rest is history.

I discovered my love of travel 5 years ago and am thoroughly addicted.  I started blogging about my trips for my family and friends, as well as to have something to look back at when I start forgetting all of the amazing places and moments.  I love writing a good story, am always game for an adventure, and also very much enjoy the history of places (as you’ll find out if you read my Rome or Turkey post ;)).

My goal is to simply entertain you, to make you feel like you’ve reached another part of the world that you may not have experienced yet. Because traveling is all about the experiencing. I love to help people get out and see the world or to answer any questions about where I have been as well. So, enjoy and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

April in Paris & Monaco


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